Get Rid Of Your Hair Fall Problem  

Hair Fall  Natural  Remedy

Hair Fall

Hair Fall Natural Remedy| Do you suffer from hair loss?
Does your hair fall out every day?
 Your hair has started to fall out due to the application of many chemicals in the past or due to some other application in the hair which is still going on. Then you can use the following Ayurveda formula once with confidence.
For your convenience I have described to you the ideal amount of 100 ml of oil.

All The Ingredients That You Need

1.3-4 Bettle  leaves
2. 10-15 Hibiscus  leaves 
3. Curry leaves half a cup
 You can add a few basil leaves. Try to take young and fresh leaves.

How To Make 

1. First take 100ml  coconut oil in a container.
2. Then heat the oil a little,
3. When the oil is hot, leave the clean leaves in it one by one.
4. See the leaves have started to spread colour.
5. When the color of the mixture is dark green, remove it.
. Cool the oil mixture and strain it.
. Now save it in a container of your choice.
You can safely use this oil for 3-4 months

You Will  Get  That Benefit

1. Your hair will stop falling out.
2. The problem of breaking the ends of the hair will be eliminated.
3. Curry leaves contain a variety of antioxidants that help keep your scalp hydrated.
4. The vitamin B complex in curry leaves strengthens your hair follicles and removes thinning hair.
You can eat curry leaves if you feel the need.

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